Trancendent Training is a philosophy and a methodology of creating pragmatic and effective training. Based upon scientific research and development wherever possible, we continually strive to produce training programmes that meet and exceed your expectations.  Programmes which also meet and exceed the expected criteria for qualifications in that they have robust criteria for delivery and outcomes.

Using a mixture of tried and tested educational methodologies fused with cutting edge psychological and scientific techniques, we deliver vocational programmes that are designed to challenge and develop the individual, resulting in rapid improvements in performance which last long-term.

Skills for performance

We are often asked if we also deliver qualifications and we do when we need to, however…
Ask yourself this; What is my ultimate goal of vocational training?  The chances are you are thinking about things like improved efficiency and performance, an increase in your subject knowledge and perhaps even mastery of the given skills.
Not many will answer that the outcome is to gain a certificate or piece of paper.

Qualifications are robust and meet certain criteria.  Academia certainly has its place.
However, in the commercial world, results are what matter.  Each day we are striving to improve our business or our personal abilities.  Each year the markets become more competitive as we are all exposed to globalisation and the immediacy of the internet.

Just imagine how good you would feel knowing that you have invested in your future and gained remarkable skills in your chosen field.

So if you can agree that your aims are broadly

  • To improve your skills or your team’s skills immensely
  • To increase your effectiveness
  • To understand your market and your competitors
  • To deliver value to your clientele

book a programme today and start feeling a new found confidence and sense of purpose.